Setting Up Your Rackspace Email

Before you get started here, please ensure that you are using the Rackspace Email server by checking in our Identifying Your Email Server article. Once you have ensured you are using the Rackspace server please continue.

Before anything else, please visit the following link to try to setup your Rackspace email: This article will be able to walk you through the correct settings and 90% of the time you should be able to use the information there to setup everything.

Most of the time, if you follow the steps outlined in that link, you will be able to setup your email no problem. If not, here are the email settings for the Rackspace Server:

*** Please replace your-domain with your domain name (eg.,
your-email with your email (eg support from, and
your-password with your actual password. ***

For Outlook 2013

Incoming Server

Account Type:    IMAP
Password:         your-password

Port:                 993
Use SSL:           Yes (checked)
Outgoing Server

Account Type:   SMTP
Password:         your-password

Port:                465
Use SSL:          Yes (checked)

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